DeAngelo Hall Talkin’ Crazy About J.J. Redick

08.25.09 10 years ago 35 Comments

In case you didn’t know, DeAngelo Hall can ball. And for years, the Washington Redskins cornerback has bragged about the time when he won an AAU state title over J.J. Redick‘s squad. Dan Steinberg from D.C. Sports Bog caught with Hall who had some ridiculous things to say about that infamous matchup:

“I used to do J.J. Redick,” Hall said when discussing his amateur hoops career. “I used to give him that work.”

Come again?

“Kill him,” Hall explained.

“He was like the best player in the state,” Hall recalled. “He had averaged like 32 a game. I went for like 31, he had like 12….He was so easy [to guard]. You just deny him the ball. You know what I’m saying, he wasn’t quicker than me, more athletic than me. I don’t know why guys didn’t just do that the whole season, just deny him the ball. We went box and 1, that’s all we did, and I manned him up.”

Wow. Other than alerting the Pause Police after his first comment, Hall is definitely talkin’ crazy at a guy who played well for the Magic last season. While Redick isn’t on that level anymore as being “the man” like he was in high school and at Duke, he can certainly still get buckets.

While that was back in high school, Hall says that if they were to play today, “He couldn’t get by me. I don’t think he could score on me.”

What do you think?

Source: D.C. Sports Bog

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