DeMarcus Cousins Had A Majestic Flop Against James Harden And The Rockets


DeMarcus Cousins and the Warriors were taking on the Rockets on Wednesday night and that means having to deal with James Harden. If there’s one thing Harden can do it’s get people into foul trouble. He’s so great at creating contact in all the right places and drawing a whistle from the refs to get himself to the free throw line. Love it or hate it. That style is effective.

Some people call Harden a flopper for his antics in selling contact. They don’t believe the contact is worth the calls he receives and while Harden certainly embellishes contact that doesn’t exactly mean a flop. Some players need to embellish that contact on a foul to prove to the ref that yes a foul has occurred.

Well, when Cousins went up against the king of embellishment, he did the only thing he could. Embellish contact right back at him. The result was one of the most majestic flops you will ever see.

Cousins didn’t get the foul call on this case (instead he actually got called for a foul himself) and calling it a flop is fair because he launched himself so far backwards that you would think Harden was a linebacker wearing pads. No, he was just a guard pushing his shoulder into the big man to create contact. If Cousins had stood his ground he might have been able to protect the shot a little better, but instead, he found himself on the floor and receiving a talking to from Draymond Green.

This entire play is just hysterical. Cousins shot himself back like he had taken cannon fire. Watch as his legs contort and his body slides backwards. This is no mere flop. This is art. This deserves a nomination into the NBA Hall of Fame right there with Chris Paul’s attempt to draw a foul on Cousins back when he was in Sacramento.

Flops like this should be praised. Not shamed. The NBA needs more overdramatic flopping. We’ll all be better for it.