A Kings Fan Is Naming His Firstborn Child After DeMarcus Cousins Because Of Twitter

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Twitter “bets” circulate around timelines almost constantly. One day it’s “if I get 100k likes my girlfriend will marry me!” and the next it’s “my husband will let me name one of our twins after a Marvel character if this reaches 50k retweets PLZ RT *pink heart emoji*.” Not all of them are legit and even less pan out as hoped for, but they are at the very least harmlessly entertaining. The chain letters of Twitter, basically.

On January 6, a big one popped up – a Sacramento Kings fan named Ivan Jarugui promised on Twitter that his wife would let him name their firstborn child DeMarcus Cousins if he successfully reached 25,000 retweets. It took him a few days to gain some momentum but he finally reached the goal.

Now, since he added the #NBAVote hashtag to the tweet, a cynic would say that Ivan here is just taking advantage of the internet’s love of funny baby name bets to gain Boogie as many All-Star Game votes as possible and push him up the fan vote leaderboard. There’s a higher than average chance that he doesn’t have a wife or a child on the way, and just be really committed to DeMarcus heading to New Orleans for All-Star Weekend. Which may actually be the better outcome here, since the ever-divisive Cousins would make quite the controversial namesake.

Or, the entire thing could be completely legitimate and Ivan could be killing two birds with one stone by getting to name his baby after one of his favorite basketball players while also benefiting that player in the short term. If it’s not a joke, we certainly wish that child luck growing up in the Sacramento area. He might need it.

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