DeMarcus Cousins Perfectly Threw A Risky Full-Court Bounce Pass

Associate Editor

Here is DeMarcus Cousins, once again showing that he is insanely good at basketball. Boogie and the Kings are in Philadelphia on Monday night, and while they let the Sixers back in the game despite holding a double-digit lead at one point in the third quarter, it wasn’t the fault of cousins.

The highlight of his evening was this ridiculous bounce pass to Darren Collison. The impressive part was that Cousins threw this pass from one foul line and Collison corralled the pass at the opposite foul line. This is insane – as Sixers broadcaster Alaa Abdelnaby pointed out, there aren’t many big men who would ever attempt this (Abdelnaby specifically shouted out Arvydas Sabonis, who is quite possibly the best passing big man of all time).

Because they’re inexplicably one of the most fun teams in the NBA, the Sixers decided that they wanted to try and one-up this Cousins pass. To do this, Robert Covington attempted to throw a full-court pass from the baseline before the clock expired at the end of the quarter. Here’s how that worked out.

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