It Took DeMarcus Cousins Five Whole Days Of The Regular Season To Get Fined By The NBA

10.31.16 1 year ago

Look, we’re all excited that the NBA is back, and we understand that it’s important to get off on the right foot, and that means putting in strong performances during opening week and winning games that you’re supposed to win. But this is not a life or death situation. We’re enjoying Russell Westbrook’s borderline psychotic start as much as the next person, but maybe we should all just dial everything down a notch, no?

Exhibit A: It’s much too early for DeMarcus Cousins to be doing things like throwing his mouth-guard into the stands and running up to retrieve it and subsequently getting fined $25,000 for his outbursts (see the video above), like he did at the end of a game against the Timberwolves this weekend.

We know life in Sacramento is frustrating, but after the Malice at the Palace, the league tends to frown on players making their way into the stands for any reason whatsoever. It’s best to avoid that scenario altogether. We know Boogie is gonna be Boogie. It’s a big reason why we love him so much. But it’s a long NBA season, and there’ll be plenty of other opportunities to freak out about more important things further down the line. For now, let’s just try to make it through the first few weeks without having to cut another $25,000 check.

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