DeMarcus Cousins ‘Hates’ The Clippers As Much As He Does Being Interrupted By Reporters

DeMarcus Cousins doesn’t like the Los Angeles Clippers.

That’s been clear for years. Not only is the Sacramento Kings big man openly disdainful of Chris Paul, but he has a long history of refusing to exchange pleasantries with the Clippers before and after games, too. And frankly, it just can’t be easy sharing a state and division with the league’s most arrogant frontrunners, either.

But after Sacramento’s hard-fought 111-104 loss to Los Angeles on Wednesday night in his team’s season opener, Cousins took his public loathing for Paul and company to the next level.

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What might Boogie hate even more than his Southern California rivals, though? Getting interrupted by reporters while answering post-game interview questions following a difficult loss.

Being cutoff mid-sentence is never a good feeling, but hardly warrants such an aggressive response – except in this unique instance, that is.

Cousins was in the middle of giving a lengthy, thoughtful response to the assembled scrum. He’s hardly entitled to do so, and should be commended for handling his media responsibilities with such care. That makes the reporter’s subsequent interruption all the more inappropriate, but it would still be unseemly even if Cousins took a more gruff, brief approach to answering questions. A journalist’s job is to listen first and foremost. This one didn’t, and Cousins has every right to voice his disgust at that lack of respect and etiquette.

What is far more important than a player’s post-game locker room antics, though? His performance, and the Kings have every reason to believe their franchise player is in for a banner campaign this season following a 32-point, 13-rebound outing.

How many 6’11, 270-pounders can splash treys like this?

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Cousins and the Kings still have a lot of work to do, of course. George Karl must goad the best from a roster that’s clearly mismatched, and Boogie needs to be more careful with the ball – he had eight turnovers on Wednesday night.

But an active offseason has positioned Sacramento to at least make noise in the Western Conference. And if it all comes together for his team, Cousins will have much more to worry about than dealing with the media – like figuring out how to beat elite teams like his hated Clippers when it matters most come spring.