DeMarcus Cousins Gave Himself Some DAP After Getting Left Hanging By Rajon Rondo


High-fives are such a large part of NBA culture. The sheer number of high-fives a player gives and receives after even a missed free throw is enough to make impatient fans wonder why they go through the routine despite a brick off the iron. A lot of it is repetition and flow. If they don’t high-five a teammate, it breaks the sequence they have in place. Some might even intentionally ignore a high-five request, a favorite of passive-aggressive teammates who might not be very happy with something their teammate just did.

This next one is the latter, but there’s no telling if it’s intentional or not.

With under a minute to play in the first half of their game against the Blazers on Sunday night, Sacramento’s Seth Curry connected on his first free throw. He even gave DeMarcus Cousins a slap, but when Boogie kept his arm out for Rajon Rondo to also high-five, it was ignored. So he completed the high-five himself.

This isn’t the first time Cousins has been involved in a high-five snafu. He once overtly ignored the hand of teammate Kosta Koufos during a game, only to complete the high-five on Twitter later in the evening.

But high-fives are serious business in the NBA. It’s a physical show of appreciation that NBA players do better than most people. So when someone gets left hanging, it’s important to make sure that high five is completed. Jeremy Lamb is now playing for the Hornets, and we’re partially convinced it’s because he left Russ hanging that one time.

(H/T reddit)