After DeMarcus Cousins Freely Ignores Kosta Koufos’ High-Five, They Complete One On Twitter

It’s been a tumultuous couple of days for the Sacramento Kings. As if being 1-7 wasn’t enough, their week was littered with profanity-laced tirades, team meetings, failed attempts to suspend superstars and who knows what else. So, to say the team was happy to just get back on the court and play some basketball was probably an understatement.

On the court, things went well. The Kings had their first win in almost two weeks and looked good doing so with their stars DeMarcus Cousins, Rudy Gay and Rajon Rondo all putting up nice numbers and looking like a cohesive unit.

But there was one moment in the third quarter that might have shown a chink in the team’s armor. While things were rolling, and Cousins had just knocked a loose ball off Andre Drummond to retain possession for his team, fellow big man Kosta Koufos went to go dap his teammate up.

These things happen, and Cousins seemed preoccupied with either complaining to a ref or celebrating with a fan sitting court-side. He just plain didn’t see Kosta. So, how did Kosta handle the shame of a mistimed high-five attempt? Like a boss, of course. Instead of wandering around like Kevin Love or pulling off one of those not-smooth-at-all fix-your-hair gestures, Kosta simply gave himself the high-five and even added a finger gun gestures for good measure.

Sensational. This is a guy you want with you in the trenches.

But Boogie, being the great teammate that he is, found out about the high-five snafu and retroactively reciprocated the gesture a few hours later. On Twitter.

Which was amazing enough to make Koufos log onto his seldom used account and finally finish the high-five a few hours after Kosta started it.

This is why the Kings are an underrated League Pass appointment each night. Well, that and all the ridiculous drama leaking out of their organization seemingly every single day.