DeMarcus Cousins’ Manager Slapped Jason Terry And Got Ejected Tuesday Night

Ejections are fairly common in NBA games, at least when it comes to players and coaches. What happened with DeMarcus Cousins‘ manager Andrew Rogers, however, isn’t common at all. Mid-way through the third quarter of the Rockets-Kings game on Tuesday night, Jason Terry tumbled into the stands after trying to block Ben McLemore’s dunk from behind. He stuck his hand out to steady himself, and the steadying force he happened upon was Cousins’ manager.

Rather than let Terry go without comment, Cousins’ manager slapped his hand away, and was ejected for his actions.

There’s often incidental contact between players and fans, especially during hustle plays like Terry’s on the play above. Rogers took it too far when he engaged with Terry after the play. Don’t touch players. It’s a really simple rule. Help me out here, George Bluth.



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