DeMarcus Cousins Has A History Of Answering A Question With A Question

Yesterday, we told you about how DeMarcus Cousins gave a perfect response to a reporter who asked him about European geography. It turns out, Boogie has a long history of answering questions with a question. Let us explain.

After seeing the exchange Cousins had in Europe with reporters, Jason Jones of The Sacramento Bee remembered a time when he witnessed a similar thing:

Cousins’ hit or miss interactions with reporters was further elaborated on by Jones:

People may be tired of Cousins and his surly attitude, but he seems like one of the best guys to interview in the league, provided you catch him in the right mood, as Jones mentioned above.

Watch this media scrum after a game against the Orlando Magic this past season. Cousins repeatedly answers questions from one reporter and then lightens up the mood by asking other people to talk to him:

And if you want to hear Cousins talk in-depth about what an ideal date on Valentine’s Day with him would be like, we recommend this clip:

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