DeMarcus Cousins Drops Cody Zeller With A 3-Point Pump Fake And Drives For The Acrobatic And-1


DeMarcus Cousins has gone just 2-of-10 from beyond the arc in the four games since we chronicled each of his long-range makes to start the season. Fortunately for the ultra-talented big man, though, defenses seemed to have wised to his newfound shooting prowess.

Yes, that’s a 6’10, 270-pound center showing and going from the three-point line, leaving Cody Zeller on the floor, and finishing through contact with an acrobatic and-1 layup. Cousins isn’t the most stable of franchise players; that’s broadly accepted by now. But it’s eye-popping plays like this one that make the Sacramento Kings so reticent to part with him, locker room turmoil be damned.