DeMarcus Cousins Still Doesn’t Think Refs Are Treating Him Fairly

08.10.17 7 months ago

Getty Image

There are a lot of new things about DeMarcus Cousins these days. He starts the upcoming NBA season with the New Orleans Pelicans for the first time. He’s looking slim and trim, and he’s optimistic about the Pelicans’ season.

But Boogie is the same old Boogie when it comes to the officials. Cousins spoke with Complex in a piece published on Thursday where the New Orleans star said he expects the officials to treat him the same this season and, in his mind, that’s poorly.

Cousins gave a hearty “hell no” when he was asked if he expects officials to treat him more fairly this season. When asked whether that has only happened with older refs and if new officials are being more fair, Boogie proposed his theory as to why that’s not the case.

“They’re just passing the message along,” Cousins said.

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