DeMarcus Cousins Blocked Team USA From Leaving The Bus Because They Kept Putting Him On Snapchat

08.08.16 3 years ago

The Olympics are less than a week old and already DeMarcus Cousins has had enough with the Snapchat already. Draymond Green has become your annoying friend at the bar who needs to chronicle everything that happens in 10-second incremental videos, while all you want to do is relax and have a nice conversation and SERIOUSLY DRAYMOND PUT THE PHONE DOWN AND LET ME DRINK MY DRINK!

In one of the more heroic acts you’ll ever see, Cousins staged a protest against Snapchat by preventing his teammates from getting off the bus. Of course, his social media overlords countered by taking out their phones and shooting a video of the protest designed to stop the shooting of videos. It’s diabolical.

So it appears as though Cousins’ plan backfired, as a video of the basketball team has reached the internet and now it is content on this site. Once Green’s junk was snapped for the world to see and that didn’t stop him from incessantly snapping his teammates, Cousins should have known this uprising was a lost cause. You can’t negotiate against a man with nothing left to lose.

(Via Instagram)

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