DeMarcus Cousins Bid A Tearful Goodbye To The City Of Sacramento

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After tons of talk, the Sacramento Kings finally did it; they traded away their most talented and rambunctious player, DeMarcus Cousins. The timing was odd, and like most things involving the Sacramento Kings, the trade and all the dealings around it were widely panned. Even ‘NBA 2K17’ refused to do the deal, and NBA stars around the league questioned it.

Still, Boogie isn’t burning bridges on the way out of town — yet — especially with the city of Sacramento. On Monday, he wished a tearful goodbye to the city he called home for nearly seven years.

“My love for this city’ll never change,” Cousins said, before taking a moment to compose himself at an impromptu going away party for the All-Star in Sacramento. “Even though I’m gone, it’ll still be the same. I’m still looking out for these kids, every family in this city maters to me. Every soul in this city matters to me. Everything is still the same, I’m just not in a Kings uniform anymore.”

He seemed to be crying, or at least on the verge of tears in the video posted by Sacramento radio host and figurehead of the Here We Stay movement Carmichael Dave. In his time in town, Cousins has ingrained himself into the culture of the city and his charitable efforts — which range from paying for funerals in secret to taking children on Christmas shopping sprees and buying cars for single mothers — are well known and lauded.

While some fans may be happy to see DeMarcus Cousins the basketball player gone, many more will be sad to see DeMarcus Cousins the man leave. And apparently, he’s just as sad as they are.