DeMarcus Cousins Took His Referee-Related Frustrations Out On A Few Unsuspecting Trash Cans

This won’t surprise anybody, but after the latest Sacramento Kings game, DeMarcus Cousins was not happy with the referees after the game. I know, I know, water is wet. Except this time, Boogie has a point and a few curious calls down the stretch of the Kings 102-99 loss to the Bulls in Chicago may have cost them the game.

DeMarcus had a moster game, dropping 42 points and snatching 14 rebounds, making him the only Kings player to reach double digits in either category on the night. But it was a phantom foul call with 14 seconds to go that had the big man angry after the game. After a wild scramble included a Dwyane Wade steal, missed dunk and a toss to mid-court to Ty Lawson in a tied game, all the players on the court suddenly stopped when they realized a foul was called.

Naturally, when Cousins realized the foul was on him on Wade’s dunk attempt he couldn’t believe it. Wade only sunk one free throw, but he stripped Cousins on the next possession and essentially sealed the game.

Apparently on the way to the locker room Cousins kicked a few trash cans, and reports caught the results of his frustration.

After the game, Cousins sarcastically said the referees “made the absolute right call” and gave the refs a round of applause.

It’s not the most egregious outburst ever, but a few busted up trash cans is somehow poetic when it comes to the Kings tumultuous season that probably has them headed to the lottery once again.

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