DeMarcus Cousins Takes Out His Frustration On Officiating By Going Undercover As A Ref

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DeMarcus Cousins and referees go together like oil and water. The Sacramento Kings big man has been hit with more technicals than someone that accepts payment in bitcoins, which for the purposes of this joke can be called tech nickels. In an effort to improve himself and better understand referees, Cousins took some pointers from an accredited referee in a DraftKings sketch.

That’s right — a daily fantasy site made a different daily fantasy come true, assuming that daily fantasy is watching Cousins act as the authority figure with which he so frequently clashes.

As far as the acting goes, by the way, Cousins is actually really good! The “undercover refereeing” jokes part definitely isn’t the best, but hey, a fantasy gambling site is creating original content, so let’s not be too harsh. That the newly-minted gold medalist agreed to this fun bit of nonsense at all is a coup for DraftKings; that he actually took it seriously and proved a naturally gifted performer, then, is an even bigger win.

Would it have been funnier if Cousins got to referee a middle-school game? Sure, but there’s probably insurance issues there and if you think you could have done better, maybe you should have pitched your idea to DraftKings, Dave.