DeMarcus Cousins Will Get Rajon Rondo To Re-Sign With The Kings Even If He Has To ‘Kidnap Him Myself’

12.02.15 2 years ago
demarcus cousins


DeMarcus Cousins has finally found a mentor and point guard in Rajon Rondo, and there is no way he is letting him leave for another team. Rondo’s experienced a bit of a resurgence this season with the Sacramento Kings, once again establishing himself as a top-flight point guard in the NBA. That revival could also land him a huge pay day because he’ll be a free agent this summer, electing to bet on himself with a one-year, $11 million offer in Sacramento. But as Cousins tells Marc Spears of Yahoo Sports, he’s going to do everything in his power to make sure Rondo stays, up to, and including, kidnapping.

After his struggles in Dallas, Rondo signed a one-year, $11 million contract, yet Cousins expects Rondo to be in a Kings uniform with him next season when a new downtown arena opens.

“He ain’t going nowhere. I will kidnap him myself,” Cousins told Yahoo Sports.

Rondo said he’d been wanting to play with the “best big man in the game” for the past three years, so does that mean he’s re-signing with the Kings next offseason?

“In the words of K.G., ‘Anything is possible,’ “ Rondo told Yahoo Sports.

Obviously, Cousins is having fun here, but there’s the smallest shred of possibility that he’s actually serious. (Although, of all players in the NBA to kidnap, Rondo would be among the worst candidates, simply because he’d outsmart his captors in a matter of moments.)

The Kings have gone through a litany of point guards, hoping one of them would be the solution to their problems at that position. Not only has Rondo filled that void, he’s also emerged as a leader of the team and a role model for Cousins. Now that the two players seem to be on the same page with George Karl after their lengthy meeting, the end might finally be in sight for one of the NBA’s most dysfunctional franchises.

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