DeMarcus Cousins Delivered A Poignant Criticism Of The NCAA Model: ‘College Is Bullsh*t’

02.21.19 6 months ago

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The best player in college basketball, Zion Williamson, also happens to be the presumptive No. 1 pick in the 2019 NBA Draft. On Wednesday evening, Williamson and the Duke Blue Devils entered arguably their highest-profile contest of the season with a home date against arch rival North Carolina but, less than a minute into the proceedings, Williamson suffered a knee injury that transpired as the freshman ripped through his shoe on national television.

In the aftermath of the incident (one that happened in front of former president Barack Obama, who was sitting courtside), many reached out with well-wishes for Williamson and, to this point, the severity of his injury (and how the shoe implosion happened) is relatively known. With that said, the injury also prompted all kinds of takes from around the sports world, with many using Williamson as an example to share their opinion on the NCAA/amateurism model.

One such viewpoint came from the mouth of Golden State Warriors big man DeMarcus Cousins, who starred as a college player for one season at Kentucky. In short, Cousins doesn’t take kindly to the NCAA at this point and he used profanity to address the situation with the preface of “knowing what I know now.”

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