Dennis Rodman Once Again Tried Unsuccessfully To Clarify His Friendship With Kim Jong-un

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As The Late Show with Stephen Colbert pointed out the other night, we live in a world where Dennis Rodman might be our last line of defense against nuclear war with North Korea. Let that sink in for a second.

During his late-night appearance, the former NBA champ sported a baffling t-shirt advertising a new crypto-currency for the marijuana industry that featured cartoon caricatures of himself, Donald Trump, and his close personal friend Kim Jong-un.

Rodman tried in vain to offer yet another incoherent explanation of why he believes his ongoing bromance with the North Korean dictator might help mend relations between the two countries, which have devolved into terrifying posturings of military might on both sides lately.

On Friday night, Rodman took to Twitter to once again try to justify his relationship with Kim Jong-un.

Granted, it’s somewhat understandable – and even admirable to a degree – that Rodman believes he can, in some way, relieve the diplomatic tensions, but Rodman has continuously failed to acknowledge that the North Korean leader is guilty of well-documented human rights violations against his own people.

These are very strange times indeed, and only time will tell how the situation with North Korea will resolve itself and what, if any, role Rodman might play in that outcome (which is a sentence nobody ever imagined we’d ever see in print).