Watch Dennis Rodman Rip Open Shoe Boxes With Incredibly Chaotic Energy

There is an art to sneaker unboxing, one that YouTubers and social media influencers have spent years mastering as they learned how to create the perfect sneaker videos.

There’s a certain patience required to build anticipation, gently opening the box so has not to disturb the wrapping, then doing a little peek for yourself and making a facial reaction to the camera, and then finally pulling the shoe out to present it to the masses and deliver your initial impressions upon first look. And then, there’s the Dennis Rodman way of unboxing sneakers, which has all the chaotic energy you would expect from The Worm, that will provide a certainly level of anxiety to those who love sneakers and, especially, for those who keep their boxes nice and tidy.

On Saturday, Rodman posted a video of him receiving a couple pair of Yeezys, and we learned that he does not open boxes how they are designed, but instead just grabs in some random place and rips the cardboard until he can reach in and pull out one of the shoes.

I have not been able to stop thinking about this video since I first saw it, because as someone who keeps his shoe boxes stacked in the closet, this both pained me but also showed me what real freedom is like, not caring if the boxes stay pristine and just wanting to see the goods.

I think we all could use a bit more of that energy, but in the meantime we can watch, amazed, at the sheer DGAF-ness of Rodman literally tearing into Yeezy boxes to see what’s inside.