A Disguised Dennis Schröder Donned A Wig And Goggles While Dominating This 3-On-3 Tournament In Berlin

07.25.16 3 years ago

When Dennis Schröder sees more primetime minutes than he’s used to for the Atlanta Hawks, for which he’ll be the team’s starting point guard, fans will quickly learn that the German-born point guard is not your average NBA player. A former skateboarder once known as “Baby Rondo” has most recently returned home to Berlin to don a flimsy disguise for a street ball tournament. That’s him above, all poofy and goggled.

And here he is dunking all over everyone during the tourney:

Schröder will take the helm for the Hawks in the wake of the Jeff Teague trade, and will look to create pick-and-roll synergy with big man acquisition Dwight Howard. If this goofy offseason instance is any indication, the two may be able to find a shared sensibility more quickly than originally thought.

For now, Schröder is concerned with the Olympics in Rio, where he will lead the Germans head-first into American defeat sans Dirk Nowitzki. The 22-year-old’s career is entering an important proving ground, and his time spent balling in Rio, however quixotic any non-USA team’s play fundamentally is, will be a strong indication of whether he’s ready to run an NBA offense full-time.

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