The Denver Nuggets’ Jewish Heritage Night Was Freaking Lit

Interesting things happen before Nuggets games

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It was Jewish Heritage Night for the Denver Nuggets on Tuesday, and it was…well, it was certainly something.

Before the tip, the Nuggets brought out a giant menorah (it was the third night of Hanukkah), which was accompanied by two people dressed up as dreidels and the Nuggets’ mascot, Rocky. After a brief prayer led by an adorable little girl, the speakers started blaring a mix of Hanukkah songs (all five of them in existence).


Rocky and some of the children in the audience started dancing in a circle – ostensibly doing the traditional “horah” dance – while, off to the side, one the dreidels started breakdancing. I guess this was somewhat clever, because the dreidel is a top that spins, and the dancer was spinning, so, yeah.

My reaction – I’m Jewish, but I’m also no fun – was perfectly captured by Matt Moore of CBS Sports.


The kids seemed to be having fun, though, and that’s really all that matters.