Derrick Rose Will Return To The Cavs’ Lineup Against The Magic

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The Cleveland Cavaliers are dealing with yet another cold spell, dropping eight of their last 10 games, and are in need of a spark to come from somewhere.

There are grumblings coming out of the Cavs locker room that the group is “broken” and there are frustrations about the front office’s unwillingness to deal the Brooklyn pick for some immediate help. Isaiah Thomas’ return has not gone as hoped, as he’s struggled to get into a rhythm and playing shape and the Cavs not practicing to help their older roster stay fresher for games has hurt his ability to get work in between games.

On Thursday, the closest thing the Cavs have to the calvary coming to save them will get back into the lineup as Derrick Rose returns from his lengthy absence due to an ankle injury to face the Orlando Magic in Cleveland.

The problem for Cleveland is that Rose’s initial departure from the team not so coincidentally happened right before the team got hot in November and December. The Cavs have been significantly worse with Rose on the floor than without him, but he’s the only help they’ve got coming in terms of adding depth without making a move, so they have to hope he can bring them something positive.

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