Derrick Rose Says He’s Tired Of The Cheap Shots

04.16.12 7 years ago

In Chicago’s overtime win against Detroit yesterday, Derrick Rose dropped 24 and hit a dagger triple at the end of regulation to save the Bulls. But that wasn’t all he talked about afterwards. According to K.C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune‘s Twitter, Rose said “I was mad, man. I’m sick and tired of people trying to take cheap shots at me. I gotta say something.” Who brought this out from the reigning MVP? Charlie Villanueva.

With 4:31 to go in regulation, Rose drove to the rim on a fast break, and Charlie V smacked him across the arms and face. The foul drew blood on a cut on Rose’s face and as the Bulls’ point guard left to get the cut taken care of, the two players starting talk smack.

Because he’s missed 23 games this season with an assortment of injuries, getting whacked is a touchy subject for Rose. He’s no longer unbreakable. Opponents have seem his vulnerability. But still, that might not be his frustration’s root.

Chicago fans have been complaining all year Rose doesn’t get the same preferential treatment other superstar perimeter players like Kobe, D-Wade and LeBron receive. While Rose averages just 6.4 free-throws attempts a night, Bryant and James are both at 7.9. Wade actually averages less at 6.2, and even though Rose may not hit the charity stripe as often as the league’s leading scorers, he’s still in the top 10.

Now Corey Maggette does shoots it more often from the line, so Chicago fans do have some ammo. But then again, that’s really Bad Porn’s only redeeming quality right now.

Do you agree with Rose?

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