Derrick Rose Announced A Generous New Scholarship Program For High School Students

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Due to a long history of debilitating and, ultimately, career-defining injuries, Derrick Rose‘s impact on the basketball court moving forward will be modest at best. He’s reunited in former Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau in Minnesota, but in all likelihood he’ll be relegated to a bench role behind presumed starting point guard Jeff Teague.

Yet given the considerable wealth he’s acquired during his career through lucrative contracts and endorsements, the Chicago native is still capable of making an extraordinary impact on the lives of young people who are struggling to make their way to college.

On Wednesday, Rose announced a new scholarship initiative called “Rose Scholars,” which will award scholarships to three students that apply and are “civically minded,” with one student receiving a $200,000 scholarship.

The program is directed at high school students across the country. The grand prize winner will receive $200,000 over four years in $25,000 increments per semester, while two other winners will receive a one-time $20,000 award. For information about the rules and eligibility requirements, visit RoseScholars.com.

LeBron James made headlines earlier this week for his own philanthropic pursuits when he announced the opening of his Akron-area public school, I Promise. The I Promise School is geared toward third and fourth-graders who are underprivileged or otherwise at-risk. It’s just the latest example of the tremendous impact NBA players can have on their community when they invest their time and money in these types of endeavors.