Derrick Rose Takes Out Another PG Contender; Brandon Roy is Back With a Vengeance

03.16.11 7 years ago 52 Comments
Derrick RoseWe were hyped for the John Wall/Brandon Jennings head-to-head matchup of two of the league’s best young point guards last week, but the epic battle we hoped for never really materialized. Last night we were fired up for Derrick Rose to face off with Wall, but the results were about the same as last week. Both of those guys did their thing, but the Wizards are so bad, that it never really felt like the heated battle we were hoping for as Chicago rolled 98-79 … Rose is always impressive (23 points, seven assists). He’s so fast it’s impossible to keep him from going wherever he wants to on the floor – which is usually in the paint. With a defense as poor as the Wizards’, his effectiveness is magnified. He does his thing and the defense is left so out of position trying to help on him, guys like Kurt Thomas are left wide open to drill wide-open 10-footers at will … How about JaVale McGee with the triple-double? 11 points, 12 boards and 12 blocks … Kind of crazy though, the Wizards spent the final four minutes trying get McGee the points he needed for the triple-double. He didn’t get it until the end of the game and everything in between was disgusting. There were airballs, horrendous bricks, and JaVale trying to go one-on-one from the top of the key … The win put Chicago in sole possession of first place in the East and the loss put the Wizards somewhere in the NIT … So yeah, this is what Bill Wennington looked like last night:

After a Danny Granger-less Pacers teams pantsed the Knicks last week at MSG, you figured the Knicks would come out and kill the Pacers last night in Indy. They didn’t, losing a very winnable game, 119-117, to make New York an unimpressive 6-6 in the Carmelo era … With the game tied at 117 and just a few seconds to go, Granger took a page right out of Paul Pierce‘s playbook, giving Shawne Williams the two-dribble to the right pullup J in his face. Pretty impressive considering that Granger was being guarded by 6-7 Shawne Williams. That’s a lot of wingspan to shoot over. Again though, as with Pierce, how come no one ever forces these guys left?? … The Knicks had a final chance. After calling a timeout, they ran an inbounds play with Jared Jeffries passing it in. He looked off Melo who seemed to have an opening and opted for an ill-fated alley oop try to Landry Fields. Melo was pissed and let Jeffries know about it right there on the court … Have some of Tyler Hansbrough. The guy has set a career high in scoring three times in the last week, giving Philly 26 on the 8th, the Knicks 29 on Sunday, and then 30 last night. It’s pretty incredible that a guy has been able to score close to 130 points over the last week almost exclusively on jumpers from the same spot at the top of the key and dunks. It’s almost like scouting reports and video recordings of previous games don’t exist … Read More: Brandon Roy turns back the clock against the Mavs, Blake Griffin speaks out, and an NCAA secret weapon is revealed …

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