Derrick Rose’s Favorite Highlight? His Mind-Bending Poster On Joel Anthony

Even if Derrick Rose is forever unable to regain his MVP-winning form, at least we’ll have hordes of video documentation by which to remember it. In what he considers the best highlight of his career, watch the Chicago Bulls superstar split a trap and glide around Joel Anthony for a mind-bending poster dunk during a 2011 game against the Miami Heat.

Holy hell.

We’d forgotten about this play, to be honest. Shame on us. If anyone ever needs a reminder of just how otherworldly explosive a pre-injury Rose was, look no further than this clip.

The split of the defense is impressive by itself – only so many players are capable of such advanced ballhandling technique. The initial leap at Antony is amazing – how many guys 6-3 or below could reach that height? But what separates this sequence from others in Rose’s pantheon is the way he glides by the Heat’s shot-blocker, re-adjusts his body, and still has enough hang-time to finish with authority.

Caring not for risk of hyperbole, it’s one of the most impressive plays we’ve ever seen. Here’s hoping Rose is healthy and confident enough to pull off a similar feat in coming years.

(Video via NBA)

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