Watch This High Schooler Pull Off The Old ‘Inbounds Pass Off The Defender’s Back For An Easy Dunk’ Play

Devon Andrews is a Kent State commit out of Lorain High School in Ohio. Earlier this week, in a game against North Ridgeville, he pulled off one of the all-time classic basketball inbound plays. You know the one, where the player out of bounds bounces a pass off of an unsuspecting defender’s back, jumps in bounds and grabs the ball, then goes in for an easy two?

The execution of the play was flawless, and reaction shots from high school gyms are always the best, including the teammate who looks directly into the camera with a big grin on his face, as if to say, “We’re all about to be on TV tonight.”

Of course, this play has been around for years. Some examples of NBAers pulling it off…

Chauncey Billups did it years ago off the back of Kobe Bryant.

Then Rajon Rondo off Dwyane Wade at the 2012 Eastern Conference Finals.

Jamaal Tinsley nearly screwed it up here, but he made a solid recovery.

Perhaps the original, Scottie Pippen off Danny Ainge at the 1993 NBA Finals.