Dick Vitale Doesn’t Think Lonzo Ball Will Be A Big Baller Once He Gets To The NBA

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Lonzo Ball, via his father and pusher of any and all Big Baller Brand merchandise Lavar Ball, officially has a signature shoe. The ZO2 might bankrupt basketball fans with their insane cost and attract criticism, but it’s all part of the planned world domination for him and his brothers. Despite the price tag, the shoes are pretty stylish and people are already buying them despite the fact that you could travel across the country for the same cost, and who’s to blame Lavar Ball for shooting his shot in the marketing game on behalf of his sons. The Ball brothers aren’t anything to scoff at on the court either so this all seems at least semi-reasonable for the time being.

ESPN stalwart and apparent savage Dick Vitale, however, doesn’t quite agree with the chances of Lonzo turning into the next Michael Jordan professionally OR as a face of a world renowned brand in the future.

In one simple tweet, Dickie V simultaneously dismisses the insane price of the shoes and brings up Lonzo’s awful performance against Kentucky in the NCAA tournament in which he was completely shut down by Big Blue Nation standout De’Aaron Fox in a loss. In the head-to-head showdown, Fox ended with 39 points while Lonzo only put up 10 along with 4 turnovers. Lonzo was probably hoping he could put that performance behind him as he sets his sights on the NBA, but Dickie V never forgets.