Take A Second And Enjoy Dikembe Mutombo Doing The Stanky Leg

@therealsilento, @dofficialmutombo & @felipelopez13 at the @nba Holiday Party in New York.

A video posted by Adam Silver (@adamsilvernba) on

If you need a laugh today, we implore you, stop what you’re doing and watch this video of Dikembe Mutombo doing the stanky leg at the NBA’s holiday party. There isn’t too much context beyond this video other than that, but Silentó was performing his song “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)” at the party, while NBA commissioner Adam Silver recorded the video.

It is safe to assume that at one point, someone egged Mutombo on and told him to get up on stage while Silentó was performing. Mutombo, being a huge personality and a generally fun-loving guy, decided that he was up for the challenge, so he got up there and enjoyed himself. When it got to the part of the song where Silentó implores everyone to do the stanky leg, Mutombo did it. My goodness, did Dikembe Mutombo do a stanky leg.

On the list of the best stanky legs that we’ve seen, this one is pretty good. Look at how smooth the second-best shot blocker in league history is while he’s dancing, and look at the gigantic smile that he has on his face. Mutombo even hits a whip and breaks his legs at one point.

Hopefully more clips of Mutombo dancing at the NBA’s holiday party come out today, because we can’t get enough of this video.

(via BroBible)