This College Basketball Flop Might Be The Worst We’ve Ever Seen


If you haven’t watched Oregon hoops over the last few years, you’re missing out on Dillon Brooks, who is among the most entertaining players in college basketball. The Ducks’ junior forward hasn’t been as consistently great during the 2016-17 season as he was during his breakout 2015-16 campaign, but he’s had plenty of high points this year.

This is very much not one of them. Brooks and the Ducks had to travel to Utah on Thursday, and at one point in the second half, Brooks attempted to draw a charge. There is nothing wrong with this, as the Utah player was lowing his shoulder as he was driving to the hoop, so even if Brooks went down too easily, at least he could argue the Utes’ player initiated the contact.

But Brooks seemed to forget to go down. Either that or his body was operating on a delay, because it took him a second to remember that he needed to hit the deck. After the ball handler backed up, Brooks literally jumped in the air, threw his arms up, and tilted his head back.

Instead of Brooks drawing the charge, he was actually the one who got called for the foul. It was one of those rare moments where the basketball gods were looking down and realized that justice needed to be served. Brooks is one hell of a basketball player, and odds are he has a career in the NBA ahead of him once he leaves Eugene. If he tries this in the NBA, though, dude’s going to get hit with a fine.