Who’s Got Next When It Comes To The 2020 NBA Draft?

Of all the ways for NBA teams to improve their rosters, none get fans quite as excited as the draft. There’s something so promising about new players coming into the league fresh out of college or from their time tearing up the competition abroad, offering squads a much-needed injection of fresh blood and promise for what the future could hold.

In this episode of Dime Breakdowns, we’re gonna look ahead to which players in the 2020 NBA Draft we can expect to deliver on that promise to their various franchises. While this year’s draft lacks a guy perceived as a clear-cut future MVP contender, as was the case in 2019 with Zion Williamson, there are a number of players who have what it takes to step into a situation and play a major role in turning around a franchise’s fortunes.

High on this list is LaMelo Ball, a name you’ve known for years. Don’t get it twisted, though: While Melo’s last name bring him loads of attention, he’s able to keep all eyes locked on him with his game. A tall, long point guard with range for days and prodigious passing ability, his long, unprecedented road to the league should pay off with a high selection this summer.

New things in sports are always viewed with a certain kind of novelty and hype. They bring hope, they bring a new beginning, and they bring with them the potential that misfortunes could turn around, all because a team was really bad the year prior and was able to identify the exact right teenager/20-something who can step in and right the ship. While it’s never a guarantee that happens, when trying to identify Who’s Got Next, these potential entrants in the 2020 NBA Draft have what it takes.