Dime Exclusive: Rob McClanaghan Works Out Derrick Rose, Tyreke Evans & O.J. Mayo

07.09.10 9 years ago 20 Comments

While many of the NBA’s brightest stars are off on vacations and free agency summits, the rest are hard at work with daily training sessions and player development coaches. And, like any other off-season, Los Angeles has become the central hub for those guys to get in some quality gym time.

One NBA trainer who hasn’t seen an open space on his calendar since May is Rob McClanaghan. A former hooper at Syracuse, McClanaghan now spends his time working out everyone from Derrick Rose to Kevin Love. His alumni list is both deep and loyal; with many players returning every off-season to maintain their respective workout schedules. The main reason players continue to come back in droves: the stuff works. A basic concept, but it’s true. McClanaghan delivers workouts and training regiments that directly elicit positive results on-court. He’s helped Rose steadily improved his shot, pushed Russell Westbrook to become a top-level point guard and transformed Ryan Gomes into a reliable NBA shooting forward.

“He has good workouts, he works a lot of people out and I’m loyal,” says Rose. “I’m not going to work out with him all of these years and then try to get a trainer somewhere else. So I’m going to stay loyal and stay with him. And every year, I’ve improved on something. So why not continue to go back to him?”

Last weekend, Rose, along with Tyreke Evans and O.J. Mayo, finished up the last of their L.A. workouts with McClanaghan before Summer League, USA Basketball and the rest of their summer traveling begins. Fortunately for us, Dime was granted an exclusive peek into their workout.

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