The Dime Podcast Ep. 32: LeBron James From High School To Now With Ryan Jones

05.10.18 8 months ago

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Hello, friends. It’s time for another edition of the Dime Podcast here on Uproxx and this week we’re talking about LeBron James because of the terrible things he did to the Raptors, making them question their entire existence once again.

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This week, we have another great guest as Ryan Jones (@thefarmerjones), EIC emeritus and current contributor to SLAM Magazine, Bleacher Report, and UPROXX Sports, joins us to talk all things LeBron because there are few in the media that have known and followed The King longer than Jones. We talk with Ryan about his first time writing a feature on LeBron when James was a sophomore in high school, watching him grow and develop on and off the court, and why it’s incredible that over all these years James has rarely had a misstep despite living so much of his life in the public eye.

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