The Dime Podcast Ep. 38: Recapping The 2018 NBA Draft

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Hello, friends. Welcome to the latest edition of the Dime Podcast, which was recorded right after the 2018 NBA Draft came to an end. As always, we invite you to subscribe to the podcast on your podcast listening platform of your choosing (Omny, iTunes, Google, Stitcher) and leave us a review.

Today, Martin and Robby are joined by Dime’s own Brad Rowland for some post-draft analysis, touching on everything from the trade that saw Trae Young end up in Atlanta and Luka Doncic go to Dallas, to Cleveland’s decision to take Collin Sexton.

Here’s a rundown of some of the things you can expect on this edition of the pod.

  • Praise for Adrian Wojnarowski for his draft day shenanigans
  • Atlanta passing on Luka Doncic and everything else surrounding the Hawks
  • Hawks trade talk
  • Everything worked out for the Dallas Mavericks as they got Luka Doncic
  • Dwight Howard should go to China
  • The draft day trade between the Sixers and the Suns
  • The Kings held all the cards in the draft until they didn’t
  • Aaron Gordon should leave Orlando
  • The weird Memphis situation with Jaren Jackson Jr.
  • Talking about Wendell Carter for a minute then getting Martin going on Collin Sexton
  • Who were the draft’s best picks outside of the top-10?
  • Michael Porter Jr. fell to the perfect spot
  • The biggest reaches in the draft
  • The best second round picks
  • The draft’s winners and losers

All that and much, much more on today’s edition of The Dime Podcast.