The Dime Podcast Ep. 50: Jimmy Butler’s Trade Request And Sixers Talk With Kyle Neubeck

09.20.18 8 months ago

Getty Image / Uproxx

Hello friends. We’re back with another episode of the Dime Podcast here on Uproxx and this time there’s *gasp* actual NBA news to discuss for the first time in about a month! Please subscribe and review on whatever your preferred podcast listening app is (Omny, iTunes, Google, Stitcher).

We’re very excited by the random late September flood of news, led by the Jimmy Butler trade request in Minnesota, as well as the Sixers finally deciding to hire a general manager and going with the legend Elton Brand. To discuss all of this craziness we brought Kyle Neubeck (@KyleNeubeck) of the Philly Voice onto the pod this week to go over this week’s weirdness in the Association.

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