The Dime Podcast Ep. 51: Talking LeBron James And The Lakers With ESPN’s Dave McMenamin


Hello friends. We’re back with another episode of the Dime Podcast here on Uproxx, and we have some tremendous news: Training camp is here, meaning the NBA season is just around the corner. Please subscribe and review on whatever your preferred podcast listening app is (Omny, iTunes, Google, Stitcher).

This season, all eyes are on the LeBron James and the Lakers, so we decided to bring in an authority on both in Dave McMenamin of ESPN. Dave spoke on LeBron in his new digs, covering the NBA, and a whole lot more. Before you listening, make sure you head to @mcten on Twitter and give Dave a follow.

Here’s the rundown of this week’s discussion:

  • Training camp is here! As a result, we have our pal Dave McMenamin from ESPN on the pod today.
  • The media spread at Staples Center is tremendous
  • Dave got to speak with LeBron James, whose approach to this season is a stark contrast from “not five, not six, not seven”
  • The expectations that come with playing alongside LeBron
  • Being in the media and carving out a role in covering LeBron
  • Dave’s back-and-forth with Michael Beasley that went viral, and getting to talk to the other Lakers’ veterans
  • The importance of treating basketball players like people
  • Approaching a rumor-filled situation when you cover a team
  • What’s the best fit for Jimmy Butler?
  • Can the Lakers stay patient this year?

And much, much more!