The Dime Podcast Ep. 52: Eastern Conference Preview With Jared Dubin

10.11.18 8 months ago

Getty Image / Uproxx

Hello, friends. The season is rapidly approaching and, as such, it’s time to fully turn our attention to the 2018-19 NBA season. That means preview pods, which we’re breaking up into two episodes, one on the East and one on the West.

First up, is our Eastern Conference preview with Jared Dubin (@JADubin5) where we planned to exclusively talk about the East, running through all of the teams from bottom to top. However, as we started recording all of the news about Jimmy Butler’s now infamous practice with the Timberwolves broke so that, naturally, led off our discussion. But, I promise, we touch ’em all when it comes to teams in the East, after we laugh about the absurdity of the situation in Minnesota.

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