The Dime Podcast Ep. 13: Jay Bilas Talks NCAA Issues, Draft Prospects And Bill Raftery Stories

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Hello, friends. It’s Thursday which means it’s time for another episode of the Dime Podcast. This week, ESPN college basketball analyst Jay Bilas joins us for a fun discussion of all manner of topics relating to college hoops.

We talked with Jay about the absurdity of the NCAA’s insistence on amateurism, the FBI investigation, how he’d fix the NCAA, his favorite Bill Raftery stories from their years together on Big Monday, plenty of conversation about top prospect and of course some Jeezy talk. But first, we talked about L.A. traffic, helicopters, and the experience of sending your kids off to college.

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Here’s the full rundown of this week’s conversation:

  • L.A. traffic and the need for helicopters
  • What it’s like sending your kids off to college
  • Amateurism, the NCAA, and how if you dig into it there’s no good explanation for their insistence athletes can’t make money in college
  • The FBI investigation into college basketball
  • Why more rules won’t help anything change
  • How he would fix the NCAA by reducing the number of D-1 schools and opening it up to let athletes make money
  • Jay’s favorite Bill Raftery stories
  • Raftery cracking jokes on Sean McDonough
  • Which of those three was least likely to pick up a check
  • The night he bought a ton of $300 bottles of wine on Raftery’s tab on accident
  • His favorite Raftery call of all-time
  • Working with Rece Davis
  • Trae Young being incredible
  • Why players today are better than they were years ago
  • Marvin Bagley being the real deal
  • Wendell Carter being an underrated prospect
  • His favorite prospects for this draft
  • DeAndre Ayton being a monster
  • Jeezy texting him about his new album
  • Jay’s Jeezy morning motivation for our listeners

And much, much more!

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