The Dime Podcast Ep. 15: Chris Herring Talks Kyrie Irving, Jimmy Butler And Tales From The Knicks Beat

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Hello, friends. It’s time for another episode of the Dime Podcast, and this week we’re joined by Chris Herring (@Herring_NBA) from ESPN and FiveThirtyEight to discuss everything going on in the Association.

This week we talk about all manner of topics, from Kyrie Irving’s success with the Celtics being statistically similar to his production in Cleveland and at the same time being more impressive to Jimmy Butler and Andrew Wiggins learning to play together to Phil Jackson stories. But first, we have to dive into Woke Kyrie and how he’s definitely going to pick up a British accent in London.

Here’s the full rundown for this week’s discussion:

  • Kyrie Irving for sure coming back from London with a British accent
  • Kyrie’s sudden wokeness/weirdness
  • A conversation Chris had with Kyrie where he realized some of the LeBron-Kyrie tension
  • Why Kyrie’s production in Boston is so impressive despite it being so similar to last year’s numbers in Cleveland
  • Kyrie Irving, MVP candidate?
  • Al Horford, master of the illegal screen
  • How Marcus Smart can be so bad offensively but still really helpful for the Celtics
  • Jimmy Butler’s impressive season
  • Andrew Wiggins having to learn to fit in with a star coming in on the wing next to him
  • How Chris comes up with his unique story ideas
  • The time Chris flew to Atlanta just to ask LaLa if Carmelo Anthony really plays chess
  • Jusuf Nurkic getting hit in the face a bunch and Boban Marjanovic being the league’s most efficient scorer
  • Tales from the Knicks beat and covering Phil Jackson
  • Why All-Star is the best time to talk to stars that aren’t megastars

And much, much more!

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