The Dime Podcast Ep. 18: Cavs And Wizards Therapy Sessions And NBA Jam Vendetta

02.01.18 6 months ago

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Hello, friends. The Dime Podcast is back with a fresh new episode and once again we have two wonderful guests joining us for a long show this week. Be sure to subscribe and review everywhere and anywhere you listen to podcasts (Omny, iTunes, Google) so you can have the newest episode as soon as it goes up.

First, we have Andrew Sharp from The Crossover on Sports Illustrated and the Open Floor Podcast talking about the misery of the Washington Wizards, helping Martin work through the pain of this Cavs season and discussing in great detail what NBA legends we want protecting us in a giant battle.

Later, we have musical artist and hardcore Lakers fan Joey Dosik on to talk about his beloved Lakers, what it’s like singing the national anthem at Staples Center and his new EP Game Winner. But first, Martin and I spend way too much time discussing the Subaru Bowl while Sharp waits patiently to get introduced.

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