Dime Q&A: A 30-Second Timeout With Knicks Rookie Star Landry Fields

12.30.10 8 years ago 5 Comments

If you were to bet before the season started which Eastern Conference rookie would win the Rookie of the Month in November, the odds of Landry Fields winning over the likes of John Wall, Evan Turner, Derrick Favors, Ed Davis and Greg Monroe were probably a billion to one. But that’s exactly what happened. Currently, Fields ranks fourth among rookies in scoring (10.3 ppg), third in rebounding (7.6 rpg), seventh in assists (1.9 apg) and second in field goal percentage (.515). He’s also started all 31 games for the Knicks this season, and leads all NBA guards in rebounds. Recently, we caught up with Fields to talk about his transition from college to the pros, his first NBA road trip and Pac-10 basketball.


Dime: What has been the biggest transition for you coming from college to the NBA?
Landry Fields: A lot. The game is different. It’s not hard to explain, it’s just that everything is pretty much different. The guys, the athleticism, the strength is so much better than it is in college. Off the court you have a lot of down time because obviously you don’t have any schoolwork. But I’ve been adjusting well, it’s been good.

Dime: You probably didn’t expect after being drafted in the second round to be starting for the Knicks this season. How has that experience been for you?
LF: It’s been great, it’s been great. Just trying to remain humble with it all, learn from our vets and other guys on the team that have been in the League for however long, just trying to remain where I’m at.

Dime: What was your first NBA road trip like?
LF: It was good. At that time, I think we learned a lot as a team, and then me individually, I definitely learned a lot.

Dime: Have you figured out your road trip essentials? Anything you forgot your first time?
LF: No, nothing I forgot. But on road trips it’s best to get a lot of rest with all that travelling and stuff. You got to wake and play a game. It’s tough.

Dime: What did you do this summer to prepare? Where were you training?
LF: I was training in L.A. and I was flying back and forth between here (NYC) and L.A. I was trying to work on everything, especially shooting and outside shooting. But with me, I like to evolve all facets of my game.

Dime: What are you predicting from Stanford this year?
LF: We were predicted to finish eighth by outsiders, but me just being biased, I want them to finish No. 1. But you know, they have a lot of young talent that came in this year, and I hope to see them finish in the top of the league. If not this year, hopefully next year, because a lot of the young guys will get experience under their belt. But I’m excited for Stanford Basketball, not just for this year but from here on out.

Dime: Who is the team to beat in the Pac-10?
LF: From what I hear it’s Washington. I think they were the only ranked team in the Pac-10 coming in, but it can go anywhere. The Pac-10, especially this past couple years, has been pretty even keel.

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