Dime Q&A: HS Stud Dion Wiley Talks About Why He Chose Maryland

After being one of the most sought after recruits in recent Maryland Terrapins history, the Maryland native Dion Wiley is looking to make an impact at College Park next season. A part of a recruiting class that has potential to propel the Terps in Big Ten play next season, Dion Wiley is more than ready to put a stamp on the program. A 6-4 shooting guard, rated by ESPN as the No. 48 prospect in the class of 2014, Wiley is an Oxon Hill, Md. native and played his high school basketball at Potomac High School before signing with Maryland last summer.

I caught up with the young talent to learn a little bit more about him and what makes him a talent to lookout for in the future.

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Dime: How is your season going?
Dion Wiley: The season is going good, we’re actually 6-2 but we should be 8-0. Personally, the season been going well but I got hurt earlier in the season and I’m now getting back ready to make to make an impact.

Dime: That’s good to hear. What are some of the big games you’re looking forward to this year?
Dion Wiley: A lot of the games I was looking forward to we already played this season. Teams such as St. John’s and O’Connell are some examples. But honestly, moving forward every game is a big game to me.

Dime: Speaking of O’Connell, I know you just faced off against your future teammate in Romelo Trimble. How was it going up against him?
DW: Honestly, it wasn’t how I expected it to be because I was hurt. So, I couldn’t really play how I wanted and perform how I expected too. Overall, it was cool from the hype around it to the school spirit but would have wished I was 100 percent.

Dime: Yeah, that would have been a heck of game if you were able to face off at 100 percent. What is it about Trimble’s game that you enjoy the most?
DW: First off, he got a lot quicker than he used to be in the past. I like the way he finds his teammates and he can flat out score, not to mention, Romelo had about 25 points and 11 assists against us.

Dime: That’s a pretty good stat line. You guys are going to do some damage next year. If I’m correct you had offers from a variety of schools like Cincinnati and Texas. Why Maryland?
DW: I wanted to be home for starters, not to mention I saw some of the people they were bringing in like ‘Melo and my boy Roddy (Roddy Peters) goes there. Although those were good reasons, the overall reason was because of Coach Turgeon. Coach Turgeon recruited me the hardest, and you know if the head coach recruits you hard then they really want you in their program.

Dime: I definitely know what you mean. What were some indicators or ways he really convinced you that Maryland was the program for you?
DW: Honestly, I can say he knew I really wanted to go there but I didn’t want to rush it. So when he used to say little sayings like “Let’s Get It Done” and motivational phrases like that, I finally made my decision in the summer and figured I might as well commit now if this is something I really want to do.

Dime: Let’s rewind back to Roddy Peters. Is that only person on the current roster you have a relationship with?
DW: I have a relationship with all the players now and go up there a lot to visit them as much as I can.

Dime: So what is the one thing you will bring to the Terrapins next season?
DW: I will bring another scoring threat, defense and most of all leadership too.

Dime: That’s great man. You know the college level is a different ballgame. What specifically have you worked on or the training you did to prepare yourself for that level?
DW: Like you know already, I just got back from injury today but I’m trying to get stronger and work on my defense. I also want to lose 5-7 pounds and get my feet quicker. Before, the season I used to workout with local trainer James Millins. I also trained with Keith Williams and Brian Inge of the “94 Feet Basketball” program here in Maryland.

Dime: That’s cool. Those are some of the best trainers in the area. They definitely prepared you for the next level. As you know, Maryland is leaving the ACC next season and entering the Big Ten conference. How do you feel about that move?
DW: I feel great about it. If anything, the Big Ten is known to be a big-man oriented conference and Maryland is bringing in a lot of guards next season. I believe we will be versatile and able to compete in that conference next season.

Keep reading to hear about Dion’s favorite music…

Dime: What is your most memorable moment and one thing you are going to miss about your playing days at Potomac High School?
DW: The one thing I’m going to miss is playing with my boys who lived in my community. As far as my memorable moment, it came in 10th grade. We played Douglas at Douglas High school and we were down two with five seconds left and I hit the buzzer-beater to win the game.

Dime: We know a lot about your playing career, but let’s get to know a little bit about you. What are some of the music artists you are listening to right now?
DW: Gucci Mane, Chief Keef and Meek Mill.

Dime: So what are three songs you have to listen to before a game?
DW: Man that’s tough! I listen to a lot of songs but my main three are Meek Mill’s “Heaven or Hell” and “Aint Me”. Also, I listen to Lil Durk “Competition”.

Dime: Some bangers right there. So what are some of the hottest shoe releases this year you really liked?
DW: I would have to say the “Taxi” Air Jordan 12s.

Dime: What about to hoop in?
DW: I would have to say the new Under Amours. They are called the Anatomix. I also wore them in the Elite 24 Basketball game.

Dime: Okay cool, so we’re going to do something different. Before I let you go, I am going to give you five questions in 30 seconds and you have to give me answer with no hesitation.
DW: Alright cool.

Dime: LeBron vs. Durant?
DW: LeBron.

Dime: Drake vs. Kendrick Lamar?
DW: Drake.

Dime: Barry Farms vs. The Old Run N Shoot?
DW: Run N Shoot.

Dime: Jabari Parker vs. Andrew Wiggins?
DW: Jabari Parker.

Dime: Where do the best ballers come from?

Dime: Last question: At the end of your high school career what do you want people to remember you as?
DW: A humble scorer. I’m humble but I can score.

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