Dime Q&A: Quincy Acy Is Ready To Shock The Big 12

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After going up against the likes of Anthony Randolph and Willie Warren in high school, Quincy Acy took his explosive game to Baylor. Since then, the 6-7, 225-pound junior forward has established himself as one of the best in-game dunkers in the Big 12 – recording 10 dunks in one game against Texas last year. In an exclusive Dime Q&A, we sat down and talked with Acy about Baylor, Texas basketball and how he learned to dunk.

Dime: How was your summer?
Quincy Acy: My summer was good. I worked on a lot of things that will better the team and better myself. I worked on mainly skill work and my mid-range jump shot. I also did a little bit of ball-handling work so now I can get to where I want in one or two dribbles.

Dime: What do you see as your role on the team next year?
QA: I’m just here to do whatever the team needs me to do in order for us to win. Everybody loves a star but I’m just here to do whatever it takes to win.

Dime: For someone that hasn’t seen your game before, whom would you compare it to?
QA: I’m a little bit like Amar’e Stoudemire. He is my favorite player. But I like to have the mentality of Kevin Garnett.

Dime: Last season at Baylor, you had a breakout game against Texas where you recorded ten dunks and scored 24 points in total on 12-15 shooting. What was going through your mind during that game?
QA: Emotions were high. It was the senior game for Tweety Carter and Josh Lomers. Tweety had a lot to do with me committing to Baylor in the first place, so I wanted to play hard for him. When the game started, we just clicked from the beginning. The atmosphere was great. His whole family was there. My whole family was there. Since my mom is a teacher, she brought fifty students to come watch me play. It was a fun environment. I was just pumped to play. It was probably the best game of my career because it was on national television against our rival. (Another notable Quincy Acy statistic: Acy made his first 20 field goals as freshman, which is a Big 12 record.)

Dime: How did you become such a good in-game dunker?
QA: I don’t really know. I started playing basketball my freshman year in high school. I was a football player before. I do remember one time I was playing basketball in an alleyway and an older guy told me that if I wasn’t dunking after next year, he could come up to me and punch me in the chest. So that summer, my mom bought a little hoop that had a hole in the backboard. I used to run up the fence and try to dunk. I was just out there all the time trying to dunk.

Dime: What is your favorite type of dunk?
QA: A dunk on somebody (laughs).

Dime: What was it like playing against the tough competition in Texas while you were in high school?
QA: It was good. You just had to play hard every game. There was never a game in which you would be able to rest because there were so many good players. I remember talking to J’mison Morgan about growing up in Texas and how we kept hearing about players from other states averaging over 30 points per game. We all were shocked because we averaged in the teens. There were so many good players that we played with and against that it was hard to do something like that in Texas. It was a war every night.

Dime: Considering that you only started playing basketball in your freshman season of high school, when did you realize you could play at a high major school like Baylor?
QA: In middle school, I didn’t make the team in seventh or eighth grade. The coach at my high school saw that I was tall so he assigned me to the B team. Eventually, I got moved up to the A team and got better from there on. An AAU team, the Texas Blue Chips, also picked me up and it took off from there. I hated to lose. I had a bad temper back then but always played hard. My first look was from UTA and that is when I realized I could play.

Dime: Your former teammate Ekpe Udoh was drafted by the Golden State Warriors a few months ago. What do you think of the fit?
QA: That’s a great fit for him. They play fast and they are young. Ekpe is all about defense. He’ll benefit from their great guards. I’m looking forward to watching a great season out of him.

Dime: Moving on to current teammates, Perry Jones is considered one of the best incoming freshmen in the country. Have you gotten to play with him?
QA: Oh yeah, I get to guard him every day. We play in open gyms and I guard him every time, tugging him, scratching him, to make sure I get him ready. He’s a freak of nature though. He always wants to get better because he tells me to push him every time we play. He wants to know everything about getting better. He is fun to be around and his ceiling is extremely high. He is going to be a great player.

Dime: What are some of your goals for this season?
QA: I want our team win the Big 12 and eventually go on to win a national championship. Individually, I want to be on Big 12 first-defensive team and most improved player.

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