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01.05.09 9 years ago
Chris BoshChris Bosh, Dime #33

Even when they do guard each other, Chris Bosh and Dwight Howard historically put up Moses-like numbers when their teams face off. And when CB4 and The Centaur are kept away from each other (don’t wanna risk foul trouble), they really put in work. With Jermaine O’Neal sidelined for yesterday’s Raps/Magic tip and Andrea Bargnani stuck guarding Dwight, you knew what was gonna happen; Dwight finished with 39 points (14-19 FG’s, 11-18 FT’s) — several of them on dunks right in front of a calcified Bargs — including nine quick ones in the game’s first three minutes before he picked up two fouls. As soon as Dwight went to the bench Toronto capitalized, building a double-digit lead while Bosh (23 pts, 11 rebs) did most of his damage on Rashard Lewis. Tied up with 2:30 left in the fourth quarter, Orlando effed up when J.J. Redick wound up in front of Bosh on a switch; Bosh immediately went to the rack and made a reverse up-and-under layup that, honestly, we doubt any other 6-11 or 7-foot guy in the League can make. The shot actually didn’t count because Redick fouled Bosh on the floor, but Toronto never trailed after Bosh hit the free throws … Anthony Parker was also getting buckets (26 pts). Usually he’s the guy on the other end of the Kobe, D-Wade and Vince highlights when they play the Raps, but yesterday it looked like he’s at least been learning from those guys. Parker was dropping in baseline fadeaways and turnaround J’s with the KG shimmy … Gilbert Arenas is slowly working his way back into playing shape. He was shooting around on the court before Wizards/Celtics the other day, and yesterday he played 2-on-2 before Wizards/Cavs. If you recall, Agent Zero was talking real greasy about the Cavs in his Dime #44 cover story, and while another Wiz/Cavs playoff series isn’t happening in ’09, he at least needs to get back for one of the regular season matchups. Yesterday, though, Washington didn’t need Arenas. Antawn Jamison had 26 points and 13 boards, and hit the game-winner on a baseline J with 10 seconds left. LeBron (30 pts, 10 asts) had a chance at the end, but he was shockingly called for traveling on his drive. It wasn’t surprising that he traveled, more that the refs actually blew the whistle on him … At least Mike Brown wasn’t around to see that call. He got ejected earlier in the second half when ‘Bron was called for charging, when he trucked Mike James but tried to save himself with that holding-the-face maneuver he perfected in last year’s playoffs. Brown flipped out on the ref that time; if he’d been there for the traveling call, he might have spontaneously combusted … Pistons/Clippers was decided by a call that was only questionable if you’re an L.A. fan. Down one with nine seconds to go after Eric Gordon threatened to win the game by himself, Allen Iverson rolled to the cup for a scoop shot when Al Thornton decided to be Pat Ewing in the ’82 NCAA title game, goal-tending for the hell of it and giving the Pistons the lead. Gordon got the rock for the last shot, but Tayshaun forced a miss … You think the rest of the Clippers kind of hate (or hate on) Gordon right now? He’s a rookie who never comes out of the game, clearly has a green light to jack shots, and takes full advantage of his long leash. He scored 31 yesterday, including three huge shots in the final minute: first he brought the Clips within two on a driving layup, then he got an iso on Arron Afflalo and hit a banker off one leg plus the foul, and the ensuing free throw to put the Clips ahead before the Iverson/Thornton play … Marcus Camby had 14 points and 20 boards in the loss …

Kevin GarnettKevin Garnett (photo. Land)

Dime’s Aron Phillips was at MSG for Knicks/Celtics. The NY locker room was ghost-town pregame, as almost everyone was in another room watching the NFL playoffs. Chris Duhon was among the courageous few actually watching film of the last time Boston pimp-slapped the Knicks, and when Rajon Rondo took him to the cup on the TV, Duhon screamed, “He traveled!” Except he didn’t … In the Boston locker room, Kendrick Perkins stole a bottle of six-hour energy drink from Pat O’Bryant. “Hey, I need that,” Pat protested, to which Perk glared at him and asked, “What you need that for?” Cold … The mural of tats on Big Baby‘s back is reminiscent of Rick Ross‘s chest/belly, in terms of both the amount of artwork and the surface space … On the court, the Knicks pulled off a surprisingly convincing upset, 100-88. Wilson Chandler and Al Harrington scored 30-plus each, but it was the Knicks’ defense — no, honestly — that won them the game. Garnett and Rondo were a combined 2-for-13, and Ray Allen missed all nine of his threes … During one stoppage in play, Tim Thomas and Sam Cassell were jawing at each other from the outskirts of their respective huddles. Cassell is a Hall of Fame sh*t-talker, but what exactly is he gonna say these days that Thomas (or anyone) can’t brush off with a simple, “When are you gonna play?” … Overheard in the tunnel post-game, Donnie Walsh talking to a scout: “We need a two-guard.” … Aron was chatting it up with Penny Marshall (Laverne from “Laverne & Shirley,” lifelong Clippers fan) in the tunnel about how her presence in the Garden channeled Mardy Collins‘ career-high 12 assists in the L.A./Detroit game. Other celebs at the game: Whoopi Goldberg, Jon Stewart, Taye Diggs and Chloe Sevigny … On paper, Lakers/Blazers had Game of the Day potential, but in reality, it was one of those games where you didn’t learn anything about either side. The Blazers might have been able to beat the road-weary Celtics at home without Brandon Roy (hamstring), but they weren’t pulling the same trick against the Lakers in Kobe‘s gym. It was close for a half, but L.A. pulled away in the third: Kobe (26 pts) scoring from wherever he wanted and Pau Gasol (19 pts) serving Greg Oden a tray of mid-range J’s and inside buckets before both got to take it easy in the fourth quarter … Just one quick note from Sunday’s NFL games: Isn’t it almost a miracle that in 13 years, Brian Dawkins hasn’t actually killed somebody in the course of a game? He damn near beheaded Adrian Peterson in the first half of Vikings/Eagles (Peterson came back after sitting out for a minute), and when Chester Taylor came in to replace AD, Dawkins layed a hit on him that you could hear from the Metrodome all the way to Canada … We’re out like Pennington …

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