DimeBag: The Weekly Dime Mailbag, Volume II

08.31.11 8 years ago 6 Comments
Another week, another DimeBag. Once again, your creative curiosity does not disappoint. In this week’s addition, the DimeBag touches on Big East Recruiting, NBA street fights and tipping etiquette. Anyway, to the questions.

Kyle, Virginia:

You said Kendrick Perkins would beat Ron Artest in a fight. I understand your reasoning, but I have to go with the most people on that one and take Artest. So assuming he wins that fight, is there anyone in the NBA that can take him out?

Besides Perkins (I’ll defend that one to the death, even if it means infinite commenter scorn), I’m going to have to go with…no one else. I think those two are the clear-cut NBA brawl favorites. Although others definitely in the conversation would include:

LeBron – No killer instinct. Will the joke ever get old? Probably not.
Carmelo Anthony – Disinterested in defense
Dwight Howard – No refs to complain to
Paul Pierce – Anyone that gets knifed and lives to tell about it deserves a chance in my newly dubbed NBA street fight tournament
Stephen Jackson – No. 2 on the “he could have been a top 10 NBA player at some point if he wasn’t crazy” list – behind Artest, of course.
Ben Wallace – A little past his heyday
Tyson Chandler – Too slow
Emeka Okafor – I feel like he’s got a lot of pent up anger from being constantly reminded that Orlando made the right choice by taking Dwight. Seriously, a kid with braces went ahead of him.

I’m probably missing a bunch of guys here, but frankly I’m too lazy to pour through NBA rosters and find everyone.

Although this seems like a silly game to play, we’re reaching a point in the lockout where everyone seems to be turning to streetball. And we all know the deal there. No refs, or simply dudes standing in black and white shirts only blowing the whistle for out-of-bounds and blatant punches/elbows. So what does that mean? You need toughness. Guys willing to dish out some pain and man enough to take some, too. If I’m assembling an NBA streetball roster in my make-believe NBA streetball league, I’d probably have some combination of those 10 in my starting five. Worst comes to worst, my team could just kick the sh*t out of the opponent until they surrender and take the loss.

Drink The Haterade, Bowling Green, Ky.:

Why did Kris Dunn and Ricardo Ledo sign with the Providence Friars? They both had offers to go to UConn. So what is it about Providence that has them suddenly attracting such studs?

One reason: blind, unadulterated, although sometimes misguided confidence. Don’t get me wrong. I would kill to be the star of the UConn men’s basketball team. But how many kids can go to big-time programs and be the star? Not many. Most kids that sign with these big-name programs (Duke, UNC, UConn, Syracuse, etc.) see greatness, glory, girls and the chance at legendary status. But what happens? They’re competing against guys of similar talent in their own freshman class, plus older players that are slightly bigger, stronger, more experienced, etc. So their minutes aren’t great and their draft prospects aren’t too hot either. Then they end up in the D-League or aboard, without an education and a basketball career that’s over by 27.

Unless I was a surefire starter or soon-to-be star of one of these programs, I’d look elsewhere. (Remember, we’re momentarily shifting to the alternate universe where my athletic peak wasn’t at 13). I’d follow the route of Dunn and Ledo – they saw an opportunity where guaranteed big minutes, the glory of building a winner (Jamine “Greedy” Peterson and Marshon Brooks are gone) and the chance to prove themselves against high quality competition were all possible.

That’s another thing – If I were the guy to bring a program back to glory, I wouldn’t go to a mid-major because I’d open myself up to one major criticism: I didn’t play against good competition, so of course I had good stats (I’m looking at you Jimmer – although I think he’ll be solid in the NBA, but that’s another matter). Instead, I’d go to the lower dregs of one of the big six conferences (Pac-12, Big East, SEC, Big 12, Big 10, ACC). It’s the best of both worlds, and I think that’s exactly what Ledo and Dunn have done here. Well, hopefully Ledo, now that he’s called off his official announcement. Providence fans, cross your fingers. Maybe he falls into the big time program trap after all.

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