Dime’s 1-On-1 NBA Championship: Dwyane Wade Vs. Dirk Nowitzki

07.14.11 8 years ago 31 Comments


I’ve pretty much run out of things to say about these guys. So I took the advice of Dime commentor Chicagorilla and had the two battle it out on the NBA 2K11 blacktop.

Don’t worry, I resisted my every urge to participate and let the computer duke it out against itself to obtain the most unbiased outcome. So what happened?

Well, everything you’d expect. Dirk was firing jumper after jumper, making more than he missed. Meanwhile D-Wade took it to the rack with authority nearly every time, finishing with impressive regularity. Even when the score was just 2-2, I knew this would be a battle. And it sure was. Wade eventually took a 10-7 lead, but Dirk responded with multiple thunderous blocks and timely left-elbow jumpers to tie it up.

Wade eventually took a 14-13 lead, but missed a floater for the win. Even in his player avatar, you could see that Dirk lived for this moment. Once he grabbed that board, he zeroed in. But Wade is not one to disappear, so he got completely in Dirk’s grill. As for who won, well, that’s why you guys are here.

So for the last time (it pains me to say), vote for the finals winner. After all of the upsets: D-Rose over Dwight (forget the seedings…THAT’s an upset), Wade taking out his teammate, Nowitzki continuing a spectacular year by slaying Kobe and then a few Kobe fans nearly ruining everything, the moment of truth is here.

Dallas vs. Miami. German vs. American. Dirk vs. D-Wade.

*we didn’t include the video yet because the quality just wasn’t quite good enough*

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