Dime’s 2013 NBA Draft Tracker

The NBA Draft is still more than two months away, but the dominoes are already falling into place. With an incredible high school class set to take over college basketball next season, most prospects want a taste of the money, leaving now while the food is still warm.

For Dime’s 2013 NBA Draft Tracker, we put together the master list of draft prospects, then we broke them up into tiers: From the potential franchise-caliber superstars down to the guys who will be scrapping for jobs in the NBA, overseas or in the D-League next season. Throughout the workout period, we’ll keep the list updated with info on who is talking to which teams, who’s leaving, who’s staying, and who’s stock is rising or falling. With June 27 still a long ways off, here’s the latest update:

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The top 10 players on the draft board this season. These players could be potential franchise changers or put certain teams who are one piece away over the hump. These players don’t need as much development as the other players who could be drafted.

*Anthony Bennett – Leaving
Anthony Bennet decided to leave after his freshman year at UNLV. I was on the fence with Bennett for quite some time, and a short tournament showing doesn’t help his case either. However, Bennett possesses the talent and physical ability to be a good player on the next level. He may go in the top three depending on Nerlens Noel and who’s drafting where. He made the right choice by coming out.

*Trey Burke – Leaving
This is the best decision that Burke could’ve made for himself. There was really nothing more left for him at Michigan to accomplish other than a national title. Burke could potentially be a top five pick in this year’s NBA Draft depending on a measurement at the NBA combine. It wouldn’t be wise for him to leave that money on the table.

*Rudy Gobert – Leaving
The lanky center from France is making the right move here. He has the desirable pro length and size at 7-1 and the athleticism to back it up. Rebounding translates to the NBA from all leagues and that’s something that Gobert does well. He’ll be just fine in the league.

*Ben McLemore – Leaving
Ben McLemore was really faced with the same decision that Burke was. He has something that teams desperately need on the NBA level: shooting. He’s a guaranteed top-three pick and there’s no way that he slides out of that range. He has all the physical tools and potential that teams look for, along with his shooting touch.