Dime’s Ultimate Movie Baller: Quincy McCall vs. Kyle Lee Watson

(7) Quincy McCall, Love & Basketball vs. (10) Kyle Lee Watson, Above The Rim


They’ll never take me alive

Shimmy shaking left to right, one player nearly smashes his face onto the gravel as a knee gives out. The other is alone at the rim, moving past him. All it takes is one dribble and the guard, rocking a shaved line down the middle of his head, lobs it to himself and finishes with a jam.

I’m getting high with my four-five

It’s all tied up at five. It’s a crisp day and the sun is out. The action on the court is even sharper, and the players would be sweating if it weren’t for a cool autumn breeze that kicks up some fallen leaves onto the court.

Cocked on these suckas time to die

One of the players is having fun, his Georgetown t-shirt shining. He won’t stop talking, won’t quit gesturing to the crowd. With every move, he’s over exaggerating, taking his cues from a skinny kid on the sideline with a hat on sideways. The two of them go back and forth throughout the game.

Even as a youngster causing ruckus on the back of the bus

Before long, a knee brace comes off. It’s been a full two years now since the horrific knee injury, but Quincy McCall can still feel the pain lingering. At this point today though, it doesn’t matter. The knee is strong enough, but without the full range of motion, he may not be. He rips it off and flings it to the bench, where a women in WNBA gear sits with a basketball in her hands, ponytail tied tight. She smiles.

I was a fool all through high school kicking up dust

The actual game is a contrast in styles. McCall is hitting one-dribble pull-ups and transitioning deliberately from one move to the next. The other kid, much younger, is playing to the crowd, his chest standing taller after every ooooh. He’s talking, bringing the ball back and forth between his legs, gaining his rhythm through the dribble.

But now I’m labeled as a troublemaker who can you blame?

There’s not a hint of anger in Kyle Lee Watson. Despite the tough competition, it’s all good. He’s having fun again after a bumpy freshmen season at Georgetown. He’s back doing what he does best – going at people – and every bucket is matched by his boy on the sidelines, giving everyone around him dap, and cupping their heads awkwardly with his other hand.

Smoking weed helped me take away the pain

McCall is right there though, giving up style for buckets. A pump fake here or an up-and-under there, he’s not going away. The former NBA player doesn’t mind the show the other kid is putting on. He glances over at the score table after every point. It’s going back and forth, and feels like the game may go on forever.

So I’m hopeless

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