See Dion Waiters’ Reaction When He Heard Kobe Bryant’s NBA 2K16 Rating

NBA 2K ratings are very serious business. Last year, following a triple-double against the Chicago Bulls on ESPN, Heat center Hassan Whiteside made a public plea to boost his 2K rating. There’s a large group of players who care about this stuff. As we inch closer to the NBA season and the release of NBA 2K16, more and more player ratings have become public. At the same time, Kobe Bryant will have his lowest rating ever on the video game at 85 (that’s probably still a little high for someone who had a 47 true shooting percentage last season and is firmly entrenched in the twilight of his career).

The Mamba is probably the most respected guy in the league among his fellow players, most of whom grew up watching him on TV. TMZ was lucky enough to catch up with Dion Waiters, who has a pretty high impression of himself, to get his thoughts on Kobe and his new 2K rating. From the tone in Waiters’ voice, his shock at the rating stems from how low it actually is.

When Waiters is then asked if he should be rated higher than Kobe, he — even with all his bluster — smartly replied in the negative.

“Hell no! That’s Bean man.”

Waiters is rated 14 points below Kobe at a modest 71. His career hasn’t quite panned out the way he thought it would when he was drafted fourth overall by the Cavaliers in the 2012 NBA Draft. But he is a player that’s still insanely fun to use in 2K. And really, isn’t that what being in the NBA is all about?

(via TMZ Sports)